Magento + Phoenix_Worldpay Extension

Oh the trouble I have had getting Worldpay to work nicely with Magento. After following several threads on forums, various posts on blogs I managed to discover what I was missing!

The Worldpay docs state that the “Payment Response URL” should not be a plain url, like, but be in the following format:

<wpdisplay item=MC_callback-ppe empty="<wpdisplay item=rawAuthCode-ppe pre='' empty=''>">

That information was the missing info from the original tutorial I read. However since then I have discovered that the forums have a better tutorial that refers to the alternative method containing only the response url (

I hope this saves you time and effort! 🙂

Fix for Magento 1.4.2+
Extension Setup


~ by mrhelly on 17/06/2011.

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