Sample Zend Modular Application

Zend Framework 1.11.9 + Doctrine 2.1 integration

I had uploaded a sample application to allow you use Doctrine 2.1 at the top of Zend Framework 1.11.9 to my github page. Since its a public repository I encourage you to have a play. I wanted to test the integration of Zend 1 and Doctrine 2.1, the latest stable releases at the time I started development. I decided to add the back-ported ZF2 Autoloader classes for Zend Framework 1 because Doctrine 2.1 is name spaced and requires php 5.3. I have also added Gediminas Morkevicius’ DoctrineExtensions to the library since I like the library so much I just HAD to utilise it within the example application.

I have setup the application in a slightly different way than the standard Zend Application, however it should run with the default Zend Application setup with a few path’s tweaked. As a modular application it is a little bare, I have a default module that contains an error controller and index controller. I have also started a basic blog module, containing a simple index controller to output the Articles entity.

Checkout the github repository here

Happy Coding!


~ by mrhelly on 22/08/2011.

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